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Secure your E-mail with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • MFA Description:

    Multi-Factor Authentication, also known as Two-Factor Authentication, is a way to prevent unauthorized access to your E-mail by adding additional security verification methods.

    There are at least three possible ways to restrict and protect access to our services:

    1. Something you know (passwords)
    2. Something you have (authenticators)
    3. Something you are (biometrics)

    Right now, we are only asking for something you know-- your password.  Unfortunately, passwords have a tendency to be guessed or stolen.

    The practical way to add additional security verification is to use what almost everybody already has-- a cell phone or tablet.

    When we enforce MFA on your account, you will be asked for not only something you know (your password), but also something you have (your mobile device). But what about 'something you are'? If you are using "Face ID" or a fingerprint to unlock your phone, then you are essentially using your smartphone as a biometric scanner. You are proving that you are physically holding your device.

    The Setup process only takes a few minutes and requires a mobile device like a phone, a tablet or even a laptop. If you need to read more, there is plenty of material available on Microsoft's website at aka.ms/mfatutor

    After you follow the registration steps under the second red button here on THIS page, please send a letter to it@beecounty.texas.gov with the subject, "Enable MFA for (insert your E-mail address here)".

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  • Step 1.

    Click here or open a new browser tab and type the web address https://aka.ms/mfasetup and follow the steps on the screen. It may ask you to type your E-mail password before proceeding to the next step.

    Choose "Notify me through app"

    Step 2.

    Keep following the steps on the screen. When it asks for your preferred option, please select "Notify me through app". Follow the steps for setting up the Microsoft Authenticator app.

    If for some reason you cannot install the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device, then select the option for calling or texting your phone. Although it is not as secure as using the mobile app, it is better than using nothing at all.

    App Icon for MS Authenticator

    Step 3.

    Let us know that you have finished the steps on the screen. Your E-mail will not challenge your identity until we enforce MFA on the server for your account. Just send an email to it@beecounty.texas.gov with your email address somewhere in the subject line along with MFA, like "Enable MFA for john.doe@beecounty.texas.gov".

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